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 Your Future...Your Happiness! [11/17/07]

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Your Future...Your Happiness! [11/17/07] Empty
PostSubject: Your Future...Your Happiness! [11/17/07]   Your Future...Your Happiness! [11/17/07] Icon_minitimeSun Nov 18, 2007 3:53 pm

Your Future...Your Happiness! [11/17/07] Chunbloggy

Lots of traveling lately! How should I put it? Hmmm... Really tired but well worth it! At least, I had the chance to see so many of you in every corner of this world! Sometimes, I would wonder when I could have a short vacation and I cannot deny that all these while I have really been dreaming for one but it just seem impossible… haha! Recently, I’ve been spending most of my time in the photo studio taking photo shoots and doing lots of interviews! There’re also many up-coming overseas projects and preparation for my next drama! Honestly, I am quite stressed recently with my job… Many good opportunities but very little time and its so to hard come out with a very good decision that will benefit everyone!

So, What gives me energy all these while?
Being able to squeeze some time each day so I could finish reading all my birthday wishes and all the heart-felt gifts! I know that by doing so, it could bring me happiness and would make me realize that all my hard work, effort and time sacrificed is well worth it. Therefore, whatever my next project is, I know you guys are with me, right? I truly treasure this kind of relationship ☺

Well, let me share some of my recent trips with you guys…

Brunei - I managed to go back to Brunei for 3 days in Oct as my passport has run out of pages! I was so happy when I came to know about this though it would be hard on my company's part as well as there were many jobs pending that time. Well, my trip back home was really worth it. Besides spending substantial amount of time with my family, it was also my 1st trip back home after my baby (Fitness Zone) was officially opened and I was really looking forward to experiencing the everyday operations. Every time I go back to my country, my status automatically becomes a Health Club Manager! ☺ As I don't know when my next trip back home will be, I truly treasure those moment when I was there… My daily routine back home has always been setting up lots of meetings, appointments and brainstorming with my team so as to strengthen the Club Operations especially for 2008! Funny? HEHE!!!

Beijing - During my 2 weeks stay in Beijing, I have learnt a lot about the city and I cannot believe that I am starting to fall in love with all the places where I’ve been and seen! Especially the food, the architecture, the culture and the sunny weather! What really surprised me was the fact that I actually researched about the accommodation there such as rental fees and the price for the apartments as if I will be staying there long-term…..hahaa! ☺ One more thing… I went to this restaurant and the food was excellent and so so yummy that I told myself that I have to bring my family there one day... haha! Browse through my Beijing album and you will know how yummy the food is in Beijing! ☺

Macau - What a big difference compared to how it was 3 years ago! Actually, I really love cities that are lively and bright during nighttime… Memories of my trip to Vegas and New York (the city that never sleep), all came back! Ate lots of very delicious Portuguese Tarts… Well, I usually don’t accept gifts but when it comes to Portuguese tarts, I just couldn’t resist it and before I realizing that I should not accept them, the tarts were already on my hand... haha! Oh, one more thing…my dad was there too so that trip was extra awesome! ☺

Singapore – Every time upon arrival at Singapore Changi International Airport, all kinds of memory would blast into my mind… I guess it’s due to my regular trips to Singapore in the past and the fact that I am TOO FAMILIAR with the place… haha! How I wish I could visit all the places I used to go to again! ☺

Up-coming Overseas Projects: -

18th of Nov, Shanghai, China
22th of Nov, Tokyo, Japan
1st of Dec, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Quote to share: -

“The past has no power over me. I am Renewed, Refreshed, and Reborn into a ‘Yummy’ new world.”

“Your future… your future!” Get it??? Remind yourself to be happy no matter what… I know it’s difficult but you can try to change your mind little by little… No Rush ok?
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Your Future...Your Happiness! [11/17/07]
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