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 Charity... Yes, you! [03/28/07]

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Charity... Yes, you!  [03/28/07] Empty
PostSubject: Charity... Yes, you! [03/28/07]   Charity... Yes, you!  [03/28/07] Icon_minitimeSun Nov 18, 2007 4:00 pm

Went to Kenting last week…

Well, the 4 days there was indeed a GREAT experience for me because it’s always fun for me to work in a place where I’ve never been to!

We spent the first 2 days shooting our new Ad and the remaining 2 days, I stayed back taking pics for Fahrenheit’s upcoming pictorial! Throughout the trip, I only slept for a total of 12 hours in 4 days and my panda eyes got so obvious that I could hardly open them during outdoor shots… haha! It was really tough but still fun! For the first 2 days, my 3 brothers accompanied me and it has been such a long time we had so much fun together :-)

During the last 2 days for the trip, despite being so tired, I was still feeling great coz we went to many nice tourist spots where I took many pics! Though my 3 brothers were not with me, there were many supporters following us wherever we went and these people really gave me full of energy and happiness. Actually, it’s ok for you guys to follow us around as long as you know what should and should not be done… nothing else matters! Most importantly, I know you guys spent a lot of money so I wish to see all of you enjoying yourselves and have a great time too or else I will feel uneasy and guilty, ok?

Also, a BIG thank you to many of you who’ve bought the Nikken glasses that I endorse and I’m glad to know that it’s out of stock at most Kobayashi stores now… haha!

At the end of this month, we’ll be going to Medan for our mini concert! This is my first time going there and again, I’m really glad to have the opportunity to meet all of our supporters from Medan and also those who flew in from other countries… Excited!!!
Recently, I came to know about the complaints of the attitude of some supporters who joined our activities – I’m not sure whether its true or not but I think there are some limitations that we should be aware of - Never Criticize others… Be very careful with your own and everyone’s safety… Don't gossip about negative stuff of other artistes… And remember to Obey the rules and regulations, ok? I will definitely be very proud of all of you if you guys can make it and I am sure you can!

Lastly, just wanna share something with you guys! During my teenage life, my mum used to tell me to do charities and donations if we have the opportunity to do so and she always made use of me and my siblings’ names when donating money to the poor ones. She was also a supporter for some poor children from other countries through World Vision! After she passed away, my siblings and I took her responsibility and continued supporting them and I think it’s really GREAT for us to do something for people who are really in need of our help, isn’t it?

There are many charity organizations in this world such as World Vision, Red Cross, etc and we can easily donate online. If we can afford it, why not right? It doesn't need to be money… Donating unwanted clothing, blood, etc. are ways of helping them lead a better healthier life. Maybe you guys could form a group and group-up to form a charity campaign when you guys think the time is right, ok?

Last of all, stay healthy and consume more fruits and H2O, ok? :-)

Quote to share:
Do good things whenever the opportunity comes. When the opportunity is gone, try as we may but it might be too late
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Charity... Yes, you! [03/28/07]
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