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 November 5,2007

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PostSubject: November 5,2007   November 5,2007 Icon_minitimeSat Nov 24, 2007 4:01 pm

Remember & Believe

ROCK, to me, is no longer described by words like hot and passionate
That was the start of my everything. Right in the midst of musical notes, we started playing and performing our lives
From high school onwards, from once strangers, brushing past one another without recognition till holding hands walking hand in hand
From birth till maturity, that was my most wonderful period of memory, right in the practice room
In the practice room, it also accompany me through the saddest moment in my life, it let me walk out of utmost pain
My dearest brothers, actually you all are close like my family, because we have walked through near ten of years
It’s fate, that let us love guns & roses and metallic stuff, and our Bon Jovi and Rainbow Band even more
We will always have our common topic, common voices, common past, common memories and goals
Thank you for being willing to accompany me through all the hardships, and thank you for accompanying me stand on countless stages, and getting so many applauses and cheers
Floaters~ (Fei Wen Zheng) Cap Boy~ (Mao Zi Xiong) Hou Yi She Ri~ Valentino~ (Fan Lun Tie Nuo) Man Di Hao Wa~ and the most handsom Colour Pencil~ (Shui Cai Bi) These are what we have only
That is the most real, never been through any kind of packaging or protection. We boldly perform the live that belongs to us
Thank you guys, I’m very happy, because I am really very happy
I believer my father in the other world will also encourage us with his eyes full of faith and keep looking after us
Just like how we keep protecting our beliefs/ n this journey, although I set out first, but
I’ve already seen you all following up there after, all of you must work hard, I will also work hard
Working hard, continue moving forward in this thunderstorm, until all of us reaches the island called F”A”T”E”

No matter how much tears and blood shed could also not erase our promise
Let set sail, let us keep on going for risk-taking adventures

Year 2001, the song FATE that we performed was the start of our fate

Now fate is in our hands

My brothers, let’s work hard

Because till now, I still believe

The miracles in fairytales
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November 5,2007
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