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 Patience is the antidote to Anger

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PostSubject: Patience is the antidote to Anger   Patience is the antidote to Anger Icon_minitimeWed Dec 19, 2007 11:16 pm

Patience is the antidote to Anger 1402203644ka5

Patience is the antidote to Anger

Saw the slogan that appeared when typing my blog incidentally
ďThink a little longer for 2 minutes, the world can become a more beautiful placeĒ
Rather than taking the time to grumble and blame, why not let you make yourself better
Itís been a long time since I write something new, busy is one of the reasons, but the most important thing is
I have no inspirations to write an entry, I hope my blog is solid, and full of content (meaningful)
Not created on purpose, not to say, now, there are many people who mistook the words as the real exact meaning (Could not understand the real meaning behind the words)
My words are definitely not shallow. Everyone who view the entries, please try to appreciate again, at the same time, think for two more minutes
Moreover, perhaps many people, due to my previous blog entries, think that my world is grey and dull
Perhaps so, but I want to thank the many people who had accompany me walk through all this while
The current me is very happy, working hard as usual, no, itís working even harder
Perhaps my life has much more restriction, and itís been a long time since I could walk freely and boldly one the streets, enjoying the security brought about by the crowded flow.
But all these stuff, Iíve been enjoying a lot, there are too many things to be done, I have no time to worry about nothing
Hope all of you are like that too, having lots of dreams and worries awaiting for you all to work hard and fulfill them one by one
I said before to work hard together with everyone, of course I will keep to my words


Saw the messages, itís a pity there are still some people who donít really understand me
This cannot be blame, of course, no one person can be understood perfectly well
Some people were rather frustrated by me not willing to write and update my blog entries
I even found out that there are people who are constantly tricked and conned by people who pretends to be my friends
I wish to remind everyone once more, I will not let anyone say anything on my behalf
Only everything in this place here belongs to me
Do not be conned by those people with hidden motives
Right and Wrong, Black and White, I still hope everyone can calm down to think carefully
I feel heartache for those younger generations who do not know how to protect themselves, differentiate the right from the wrong
Isnít it obvious, is education still suitable and applicable to our future generation?
P.S. MIT conference 2007 12 18 PM100 GTV Station

Patience is the antidote to Anger Pokothepenguinubbz4bl3
Love Fahrenheit And Danson
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PostSubject: Re: Patience is the antidote to Anger   Patience is the antidote to Anger Icon_minitimeMon Jan 07, 2008 12:36 am

Hi, hope you can credit all the translated blog you get from to:

Translated by Tiffany
Credits to: http://fahrenheit-globa1.actifforum.com

That is, of course, if you get from there~
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Patience is the antidote to Anger
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