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 They Kissed Again 2 News

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PostSubject: They Kissed Again 2 News   They Kissed Again 2 News Icon_minitimeSat Dec 22, 2007 10:56 pm

They Kissed Again 2 News Thumbariel2tq6

GTV angered after seeing the censored bed scenes clips posted online

‘They Kiss Again" 4minute bed scene video clip was posted online by CTV lately. As a result, there was a circulation of the clip on the internet. Thus, this angered GTV whom informed the public earlier that they'll be airing the uncensored bed scene. GTV also expressed that CTV had violated the contract, and therefore requested CTV to remove the clips.

In episode one of ‘They Kiss Again’, there is suppose to be a passionate bed scene between Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng. This was hence been a promotional tool used by CTV and called the drama version of ‘Lust, Caution’. However, as CTV was later fined by NCC, the former decided to remove the 4 minute bed scene. Yet, this scene was later posted by CTV on MOILIFE. Also, the video clip was also labeled as 'Exclusive from CTV'. Hence, within a short period, it was posted to Youtube and Sina by netizens. According to source, the scene had been viewed by million of netizens online. Thus, this action of CTV was resented by GTV as the latter had already decided to air the unedited Episode 1 on 22nd December, 9:30PM. Yet, this plan was destroyed by CTV.

“Should there be any changes to ‘They Kiss Again’, GTV should be first made known of – an agreement originally agreed by GTV and CTV” GTV's representative Chua Fei Jiao expressed, “But, CTV posted the video clip without informing GTV beforehand. Though later removed by CTV, the clip has been posted to other sites by netizens. This is consequently unfair to GTV - the broadcast station who could broadcast the uncut 'They Kiss Again' legally.”
Chua later empathized that when CTV broadcast the edited ‘They Kiss Again’, GTV’s co-workers has been emotionally hurt. Yet, this sudden action by CTV to post the 4-minute bed scene video clip online has again been regarded as a disrespectful action to the co-workers. Furthermore, CTV was unable to prevent the mass circulation of the clip on the internet. Though CTV mentioned that it was a harmless and motiveless act, what is done cannot be undone. Also, the legalized distributor – GTV has severely been damaged in terms of monetary terms.

GTV also commented on netizens’s behavior when ‘Hana Kimi’ and “The X-family’ was aired. If these dramas were aired on 9PM, netizens would record the episode and posted it Youtube. Hence 30 minutes later, these dramas could be watch online. As a result, the distribution for DVD versions was delayed and GTV suffered badly.

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They Kissed Again 2 News
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