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 Pi Li Mit Press Con News 12/18

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GTV idol drama Ť∆ŤŐMIT held a press conference on 15dec. tian li who is acting as a teacher appeared at the press conference. she wore a revealing dress and arron yan, xiao gui and julian who are acting as students do not dare to see her in her eyes. Fan Wei Qi who is acting also as a teacher joked" i will feel abit inferior of myself, but not to the extend of feeling stressed.". arron yan and guigui who are acting as the male and female lead for the first time told the reporters that they are feeling nervous, guigui even polished her nails red, hoping for the ratings to be good.

This is Tian Li's first attempt in acting in an idol drama in school. She is acting as a cold-blooded teacher that treats students very strictly. Other the other hand, Fan Wei Qi is acting as leading detective who is good at using psychology as a strategy, she promised to treat all the students equally. Fan Wei Qi joked" i have not acted in a show for a very long time, I am feeling very nervous but i am getting along well with the actors. i hope the show can start filming soon.

This is Arron Yan's first time acting alone; he claimed that he has never seen his script so many times before. He, who is acting as a genius who is great in logical skills, said" i have take the male lead of Hero as reference. though he appears to be playful(I am not sure of the meaning of ĎŚôŹôŹ) but he is actually concentrating on solving the case, this is what I want to present to the audience. ". However, as arron yan is admitted into hospital again this year august because of his leg injury, he cannot run or jump now which is vital for his character in the show. He said" i will do more exercise, and work hard to try to accommodate to the actions needed for the show, if not, i will try to find another way."

Xiao Gui is acting as a muscular guy who is great in gymnastic. Guigui asked" will you find a replacement if you were asked to be naked?", this question caused xiao gui to be very frustrated and kept insisting that he has muscles, just that its not available for guigui to see. The only actor that acted in Bump Off Love, Julian, is acting as a handsome guy that has mesmerizing eyes, who used those girls that are deeply in love with him to publish a website to get more news.

Guigui who is 18 of years has a lot of screentime with 22 year-old arron, guigui's character in the show is a girl that adored arron who is a genius in the show. Although gugui is very blur, she is also very adorable, she said that she had done her "homework" in order to be familiar with the actors, she has checked out their horoscope, blood type and hobby on the net, and was rebuked by arron who said" why isn't your homework looking at the script?" in the end, they decided to test guigui on the spot but she can only remember arron is a Scorpio.

Guigui revealed that she has not presented her first kiss onscreen and she is very scared of kissing with Aaron. The reason being she scared that she will based by aaron's fans. Guigui said that she has checked forum and discussion online and realise her fans like aaron and her pairing. However, in aaron's forum, she realised that aaron's fans are against her and aaron's pairing. She said that she doesn't feel good about it. However, being as optimistic as she is, she revealed that it means people are noticing me and people are noticing our shows and this is not too bad. Guigui said that with criticism comes with growth and she will work harder to act better and convince those who are against her.

In the show, there is a hot teacher, Tianli and caring big sister, Fan Weiqi and Guigui who worships aaron, aaron was asked in real life, which kind of girls does he like most. Aaron shyly replied, "I will like Fanfan sister's type because I like music too and with a common point, it is easier to understand each other." Guigui interrupted after hearing it, "So you like mature girls?" Xiaogui teased Guigui for being jealous. Guigui then revealed that in the real life, she wont go out with a genius like aaron in the show. She said that, "If that is the case, I cant hide from him anything. It is so scary."

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Pi Li Mit Press Con News 12/18
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