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 HAPPY 2008...Here i come!

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PostSubject: HAPPY 2008...Here i come!   HAPPY 2008...Here i come! Icon_minitimeMon Jan 07, 2008 7:44 pm

HAPPY 2008...Here i come! 1173816131fh4

Thinking back year 2007, it was truly a year that took my breath away! My heart never stopped pounding, my brain never stopped learning and I never stopped trying…WOW! It was a year that really scares the hell out of me but I never REGRETTED. Although luck has been with me, I have really sacrificed a lot and put in a lot of hard work too! Really wanna thank all the support from everyone of you which really made everything happen to me !!!

I’ve always encouraged my close ones to have a New Year’s Resolution every year and if u could recall, I did mention in my blog last year that you should spend a short 10 minutes to just think what you want to achieve… So, if you really think about it now, did u live 2007 with no regrets or do you think there is more you could do but you did not put in enough effort to accomplish it?

In fact, your resolution can be very simple one... like making sure you follow a healthy diet or it can be very challenging one like mine 3 years ago when I was deciding whether or not to join showbiz :-) Hey, the main point is “Don't live 2008 with regrets!”. Think about it, ok? And....when you want to do it, carry a ' Braveheart' in you and Give it your BEST!

Our Fahrenheit 2nd album’s ‘2FACE’ official release date is on 4th Jan 08 and currently there has been a lot of pre-release activities and the response has been really good! After 16 months, you guys are still here for us! Thanks guys!!! I truly think our 2nd album is worth supporting because we really put in a lot of effort and gave ourselves a lot of pressure to make this album different and better from our first one! Many times, we were asked if we are ever tired from all these activities but you guys make all the difference…

2008 is our time to SHINE…

Health, Joy, Success and Peace…

You can do it, I can do it, We can do it.

So, Let’s work on it!!!

Love u guys:-)

Up-coming Activities: -

HK 3rd Jan – Well, it has been quite some time since we last met and YES… this time HK will be our 1st stop for our 2nd album promotion! Isn’t that GREAT? Are u ready??? See ya :-)

12th Jan – HK again for Wild Day Out Party… Let’s have some fun together!!!

15th Jan – Beijing press conference

16th Jan - Beijing Album Promotion

17th Jan - Shanghai Album Promotion

Quote to share

The past is over and cannot be changed. Today is the future i created yesterday and the future is where we are going to be! GO GO GO for the year 2008 :-)

HAPPY 2008...Here i come! Pokothepenguinubbz4bl3
Love Fahrenheit And Danson
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HAPPY 2008...Here i come!
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