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 November 2007

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PostSubject: November 2007   November 2007 Icon_minitimeSat Nov 24, 2007 4:03 pm

This year’s birthday

This year’s birthday
Has a huge meaning for me
Very grateful to the company despite being so busy
To organize this birthday party for me
And more thankful to those of you who carried out the plans and attended the party

It’s a pity there’s limited spaces
I really wish to let more of you share my happiness with me

The night before
I was just like a student anticipating the school graduating holiday trip
The excited and anticipating feeling

I’m really touched
This birthday party
Make me know you all even more
And believe it also make u all know
The real me even more

Being myself
Is the happiest thing I did

Chose the presents for very long time
Hope all of you like it
In them, there are a lot a lot of my memories
Sharing them with you all
To me
It is even more meaningful

I really hope
Next year there will still be you guys whom made me touched
Or those of you whom were unable to attend
Celebrate my birthday together with me

My smile
Will still continue for all of you
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November 2007
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