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PostSubject: Harsh Netizens Hate The Pairing Of Aaron&GuiGui   Pi Li Mit News! Icon_minitimeSun Dec 23, 2007 11:57 pm

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From the left: Xiao Gui, Aaron Yan [FLH], Gui Gui and Julian Yang

It is indeed a refreshing idea to see Aaron Yan, Gui Gui, Xiao Gui and Julian Yang acting in idol drama, "Thunderbolt M.I.T".
However, the drama had receives much criticism from netizens especially after the announcement on yesterday's MIT Thunderbolt Press Conference that it will have its first filming taking place soon. Most Aaron's fans dislike the idea of having Gui Gui and Aaron being a pair. This criticism was later 'defended' by rational fans. Yet, the latter also used daring and insulting words like, "It's after all a drama with Aaron being the male lead and not by a ghost [Gui Gui]. So, lets watch it!"

Yesterday, Gui Gui confessed that she did used the internet to check up on the actors' information. Thus, she knew that Aaron's fans dislike her.
"I felt distressed after reading those comments."She expressed sadly.

Surprisingly, most unfavorable comments were left on Hong Kong's MIT Thunderbolt Forum. Once seeing the poster of MIT Thunderbolt and confirming GuiGui is the female lead, Aaron Hong Kong's fans were greatly disapproved.
"WHAT? I don't want her as the female lead!" - written by Netizen 'Howing'.
"I'm not complaining about Gui Gui, but I hope the poster would changed soon!"-another comment made by Netizen 'çˈ¤•z‘¥'.

Gui Gui who also has kissing scenes with Aaron, was pressurized and afraid to be scolded by fans. Fortunately, she has a determined character. "Having many open discussions meant that they have keep an eye on this drama and my acting. Thus, it still feels good. I'll try my best to portray the role well, making those netizens to be fully convinced!"

**Gui [‹S] means Ghost in Chinese. Thus, the netizens are referring this 'Gui' to Gui Gui as the latter has the nickname as 'Gui Gui'

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